Bookstagrammer conveys her love for books with literature-inspired art displays

Bookstagrammer conveys her love for books with literature-inspired art displays

Books indeed transport us to another world though we practically are seated in the comfort of our homes or libraries or anywhere on earth. They are probably the fastest and the cheapest means of transport one can opt for.

Each reader has his/her own way of bringing out or be affected by the characters. Some of them imagine themselves to be the character, some find inspiration for their own writing and some like 25-year-old Elizabeth Sagan create whole art displays out of books.

Freeing the characters off the hard binding, the self-described “bookstagrammer” pays homage to her love of literature by arranging her huge collection into imaginative book art displays.

The book lover first began her journey by sharing her favourite reads which evolved into interactive shots with a bookcase. As she developed her style the photos got steadily more complex and creative and today her creations include inspiring literary scenes from her massive collection of books.

Sagan has been sharing her love of books with her 160k+ Instagram followers for several years, but never seems to run out of creative ideas. Each colored book cover acts like a brush stroke in her displays. When cleverly combined with others, they create fantastic displays (best seen when viewed from above).

She is pictured among her meticulously placed book displays, acting out each narrative and theme. In one image, she’s seen surfing on a “wave” of blue-colored books; and in another, Sagan lays in between a collection of black books, placed to look like huge vampire wings, and so on and so forth.–4M2aW/

Elizabeth also co-curates My Book Features with fellow bookstagrammer James Trevino. There, the duo share creative book art images from a worldwide community of story lovers.

Check out some of her astounding works.

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