The Irregulars: A teenage twist to the Sherlock Holmes anthology with tinge of fantasy

The Irregulars: A teenage twist to the Sherlock Holmes anthology with tinge of fantasy

Sherlock Holmes is perhaps of the most experimented detective character. We have seen old and modern Sherlock and also his sister Enola Holmes and now Netflix has brought us a bunch of teenagers from the anthology.

The Irregulars is a British crime drama streaming television series developed by Drama Republic for OTT giant Netflix. Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it features the Baker Street Irregulars (group of teens) working for Dr Watson saving London from supernatural elements. Created by Tom Bidwell, the 8-episode series premiered on 26 March 2021 and has been creating quite a buzz.

There are five kids – Leopold, Bea, Jessie, Billy, and Spike who are from the street except for Leo. There are street smart and know their way around the city for which Watson hires them as detectives but the unfair thing is Sherlock takes all the credit. Then again there’s a supernatural angle to the series which involves Jessie who has mystical powers.

Everything in Irregulars debunks Sherlock’s usual scientific self but then there are attempts to show that Holmes has always tried to find things through science. Even his brother Mycroft is investigating on behalf of the Government.

They have rated it 16+ because of the gory and slightly nude scenes but the fact is it could be viewed by any teen for its actually a teen fantasy.

The fresh take on the detectives is commendable as so far it has all been about Holmes, his family, and friends. No one could imagine his underground network to be this powerful that they could become protagonists.

Those kids and the chemistry between them could make one miss the thrill of Sherlock but considering that it’s about them and not Holmes one could just let it pass.  Of them I personally liked Leo played by Harrison Osterfield. He’s so convincingly the rich kid bound to bed willing to explore the world. The next person I liked is Thaddea Graham as Bea. She had this peculiar walk but anyway pretty wicked smile and sass fitting aptly to the character.

If you are a fan of Sherlock and also up for teen and youth oriented shows, you may watch this.

The Irregulars is streaming now on Netflix.

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