Bombay Rose: This Netflix Animated Film Is Pure Bliss And Wonder

Bombay Rose: This Netflix Animated Film Is Pure Bliss And Wonder

I will not be able to do justice to describe the stroke of wonder I just felt after watching Women’s Day Netflix Release – Bombay Rose.

The animated film is written, edited, designed and directed by Gitanjali Rao. Anand Mahindra and Rohit Khattar have jointly produced the film. It was earlier screened in Venice and Toronto Film Festival and made it to Netflix only on March 8, 2020. What’s the most striking thing about the film is that it is made by frame-by-frame painted animation in computer and took 18 months with 60 artists. This fact reminded me of Loving Vincent.

But that’s not it.

Bombay Rose is the story of Salim and Kamala and not Anarkali. Salim is a Kashmiri who has fled his hometown after the killing of his parents by the militants. He like millions has come to Mumbai in hope for a job but ends up selling flower bouquets at the beach. Kamala sells flowers as well. She is a runaway child bride who puts her life at risk everyday to educate her little sister and take care of her old grandfather.

Rao makes us see the couple in two timelines, one is the present day Bombay and the other is the Mughal era. All sadly destined to doom.

The film is also the story of old repairmen and antique businesses rusting in the busy lanes of the City of Dreams. It is the story of the streets infested by goons and traffickers luring women into the dark. It is the story of an Old Parsi lady who loves her husband to death. It is the story of young children who dream of flying high amongst all odds. It has all the stories that we see around us and fail to feel the charm in.

We are made to see the horror and magic with each passing frame. We are made to hope that there is a silver lining.

Bombay has many stories and so does any city or town or village. It takes the eyes and imagination of a passionate writer and film maker to bring it out so well like Gitanjali.

The film can appear a little bit slow but it is still engaging and keeps one glued. You just want to what happens next at every cost.

And Oh, Sawanand Kirkire has given us yet again a delightful song to hum and yearn our loved ones.

“Rewa.. nainon me rahe…”.

This one is unmissable no matter from which part of the world you belong. Go fall in love with love and Bombay.

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