Blood Of Zeus: A stunning treat for Anime and Greek Mythology fans

Blood Of Zeus: A stunning treat for Anime and Greek Mythology fans

As the title suggests, created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides for Netflix, Blood of Zeus is set in the world of Greek mythology. The series revolves around Heron, the demigod son of Zeus, trying to save Olympus and Earth.

Blood of Zeus has historically filtered Greek myth into a sci-fi space opera. Due to the grandiose nature of the characters and their designs, however, this violence is taken to a fun new level as the scope of the fights have been taken to a new degree with varied monster fights sprinkled throughout the one on one battles. While there can be a few moments of stiffness due to the elaborate character design, nothing is jarring enough to kick one out of the experience entirely.

Greek Myths are inherently dramatic and the series has tapped into that spinning web of intrigue as characters continue to make their alliances known throughout various events and fights. With a familial story at its core, Blood of Zeus intensifies its clashes with the seeds of distrust planted through entertaining dialogue that teases. Even the voice cast of the anime is wonderful and fits rightly.

The show is compelling enough to attract anyone who has never watched anime before. The story is what makes the show, but also the animation.

The action choreography is easy on the eyes and thrilling to watch and the music is astounding. Paul Edward-Francis provided the score for all eight episodes and totally nailed it.

Yet the big problem with this cast is that, aside from Hera, the other goddesses and women at large are completely sidelined. For it’s a fresh take on the myth, it would have been progressive to see these goddesses sticking together and letting Zeus know that time’s up for his toxic behavior than destabilizing Olympus.

There’s news that the makers wish to make 5 seasons and a second season is almost confirmed. This surely provides an opportunity to give these female leads fresher arcs and more screen time.

Nevertheless you gotta watch it and savour the amazing experience.




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