Bridgerton: Netflix Series Based On Romance In 1800s Oozes Out Hotness

Bridgerton: Netflix Series Based On Romance In 1800s Oozes Out Hotness

Just about Christmas, Netflix has brought us the most romantic series of this year. Many may deny the usage of the word – romance – as the love has been shown widely physically. But then does love always need to be platonic to be called love?

Bridgerton is set in early 1800s – the Regency era – in London. The period drama has been created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes.

If you are wondering if the series is based on true events then it is true, partially, but then it is largely fictional, written some 20 years back by Julia Quinn under the title – The Duke and I – which is again the title of one of the episodes.

Two of the titular characters who are the pillars of the timeline of the story – Queen Charlotte and King George III are the only real characters. The Queen is believed to be the first British royal with Black origin. This gave the ground to Quinn to form the male protagonist – The Duke – who is again black. Representation and acceptance of the black in the British royalty is what adds value of the novel. It is quite relevant for the ongoing upsurge in the US. As shown in the series, King George III did suffer from dementia in his old age, which is again another truth that has been lifted by the author.

The series is based on the first book of the 8 book series. It follows a beautiful maiden named Daphne, the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, who is entering the marriage market with her friends. She is considered the best of the lot for her beauty and values. She then crosses paths with the handsome Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), and is swept off the floor.

Everyone is by now obsessed with Bridgerton, the reason being the exquisite setting and scenes it has to offer. It provides the much needed fairy tale escape that we needed at the end of this gloomy year in order to refresh our senses. Classic tales always have the abundance of grandeur and so does Bridgerton – from exquisite gowns and jewelries to Royal settings. Everything has kept in order in the adaptation with accordance to the details in the description.

Though set in the 1800s, Bridgerton is very inclusive and radical. It houses all form of characters from girls despising marriage to gossip writers in shroud of the elite. It many a times mocks what the aristocrats show outwardly by showing the grim or ordinary reality. Say the Queen has a husband who forgets things; one of the Bridgerton brothers has two women in his arms whose husband is a homosexual. Everything happening in 1800s in closed doors was very much natural, only hidden away by society.

But all everyone could largely note is the sex scenes. Of course they were the soul reason why a period drama could become a hit in no time. One can hardly take off their eyes the chemistry the leads shared on screen. It would be no wonder if someone re-watches them for pleasure. Its steamy through and through. Though some of the situations shown between the Duke and the Duchess – the protagonists – were kind of abusive, the writer reasoned them with the background story and the period it was set in.

This is one seasons we are sure most of you will love to watch. Here’s the trailer.

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