Hubie Halloween: A must-watch film for kids and family this season

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Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween stands for these misfits who are constantly harassed. Adam plays Hubie, an underdog character who lives in Salem and has a peculiar accent. He doesn’t have any sass and doesn’t dominate or revolt against anyone around him. His kind and considering attitude sets him apart and makes him better than all. Yet the whole town folk bully him. As an audience, in many situations, I felt like shielding him and giving him a hug.

While the general perception of horror is something paranormal or supernatural, there are many of us that are scared of what’s normal. Adhering to societal norms and standards and acting all cool in the world is the hardest part. Not everyone is cut out the way the world expects them to. Moreover, if someone is different and is picked on but remains non-reactive to all the objections, they are bothered even more.

The film has proved to be a wide success after a long gap for Adam. You would be surprised to know that the film’s script has been written by Sandler himself along with Tim Herlihy. That explains how it brings out the best provided Sandler’s years-long experience with similar comic films. Though the credits technically go to the director (Steven Brill), Adam himself is actually a one-man army.

Hubie aka Adam loves the most happening woman in town – Violet Valentine played by Julie Bowen. Violet shows how we make wrong choices as teens and grow up to love the right guy- Hubie. Violet’s kids played by Noah Schnapp (Tommy), Saddy and Sunny Sandler (Danielle and Cooky) are as compassionate as their mother and side with Hubie. Even Tommy’s girlfriend Megan (Paris Belec) joins the kids. His neighbor Mr.Lambert played by Steve Buscemi also treats him well.

Rest the whole town ranging from Sergeant Steve (Kevin James) to kids like Mundi (Karan Brar) throws stuff at, and puts traps for Hubie. They all are so mean that you will feel miserable about Hubie’s state.

The only person on earth who has the courage to fight for Hubie was his sweet little crazy old mother played by June Squibb. No one, just no one can possibly imagine what’s on her mind till the end.

Now the question arises is Hubie Halloween a horror film? Well yes, it’s a horror-comedy and even more horrific for the bullies around the world. And the timeline of the film is set in Halloween as it’s the favorite festival of Hubie!

I enjoyed watching the film and wouldn’t mind rewatching – 4 out of 5 stars from my side.