Squid Game : Is Your Life More Valuable Than Money?

Squid Game

Even before you start reading the Squid Game review, it is highly recommended that you watch the series because this is one of the most unique show in the world right now. Written and created by Hwang Dong-hyuk who at one point of time had to sell his laptop to pay his bills, has now had his movie in No.1 on Netflix which has earned more than USD $900 million and counting.

The movie portrays the rich, the middle class and the lower class people of South Korea all in one frame. The Rich has all the money and they became richer and richer. The Middle class always struggles to fulfil their basic need. The Lower class people have nothing to lose and they live their life on the razor’s edge; and for them, a little hope is better than living in this merciless world where people don’t care about them. This is not only the situation in South Korea but also everywhere around the world.

The Rich controls everything and because money cannot buy happiness or at least the memory of their childhood days, they came up with an idea of Squid Game, where the winner could win approximately $58 million. The players are chosen carefully and most of them, whether living or dead, would certainly not make a difference in the world. But they were playing the dangerous game for someone, out of love or care but nobody had a good heart. The player no. 456 was needy but no one could imagine he would live a life nobody could imagine to live after having the prize money.


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